China has demonstrated a new humanoid robots

It seems that soon robots did not get at first glance to distinguish from an ordinary person. China Institute of science and technology showed their latest developments at the world conference of robotics in Beijing. Demonstration of a girl-robot, named Jia Jia, it seems, has eclipsed all other artificial participating in the event.

The lady knows how to recognize the voice, gets to know people in the face, realizes who is in front of it — a man or a woman, draws attention to the age. Can recognize emotions and facial expressions. Jia Jia has definitely become the Queen of the exhibition, but it is already familiar to the public, just the event it was modified and dressed up in a new outfit.

But the robot, promising in calligraphy, was a striking and interesting novelty. The robot writes is wonderful — you will not guess that wielded the brush not human but a machine. The striking appearance of the venerable elder also inspires. See how gently and smoothly he displays the characters with a brush!

The third boat, lit up in the video, looked less impressive and more familiar. Not very clear what he was doing, nothing unusual he could not, but was extremely amiable than also earned the attention of an appreciative audience. Or just his chest display showed something interesting, time around constantly crowded kids…

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