China has experienced a new underwater robot

China has successfully tested a new Autonomous underwater vehicle Haiyi-7000 — underwater robot capable of reaching depths 5751 meters.

Tests were conducted in the area of the Mariana trench during the expedition, a floating base Tansuo-1, held from late June to mid-August. According to the newspaper, a new development of Chinese scientists may be interested in the people’s liberation army of China (PLA).

We could dive deeper, but did not do so, so as not to reach the limit of the machine so fast, — said the senior researcher of the project, Professor Yu Sanican.

According to him, the military can use the data from the robot, creating an accurate map of the ocean that will help to avoid the submarine threat areas.

AUV is an underwater robot in the form of a torpedo or small submarine, whose goal is to gather information about the underwater topography, salinity and other data. Currently the record for the immersion depth among devices of this type is an American underwater robot Seaglider previously reached depths of six kilometers.

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