China introduced unique trains of drones

China amazes the world with the project of a new type of public transport, which combines the characteristics of the bus, tram and train. A new unmanned train will drive along the usual road, work on electricity, and instead of rails use a dotted white line that will become part of the road marking.

These trains are abbreviated “ART”, which is an abbreviation for “Autonomous Rail Rapid” – Autonomous Speed ​​Monorail. True, the transport company CRRC, which created this transport, calls it “Smart Bass” – in English – “Smart Bus”. The length of the “ART” train is 30 meters, and its charge is enough for 40 kilometers of the track, it will be controlled by sensors: some of them will be mounted in the roadway along a special white dotted line, the rest will be located in the train itself. Something like virtual rails that will transmit data to the train and allow it to move around in accordance with the changing conditions of the traffic flow.

The already existing first model of the “ART” train has three cars and can accommodate 300 passengers (hereinafter the capacity is planned to be increased to 500 people).

This type of transport is of special value for regions that can not afford the construction of metro or tram tracks. A kilometer of underground will cost the average Chinese city about 102 million dollars. While the standard track for the Autonomous Train will cost only $ 2 million.

The first “ART” train is scheduled to be launched in Zhuzhou City in 2018. The length of its route will be only 6.5 kilometers.

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