China launched the largest floating solar power station

The Celestial Empire developed its production for many years to ensure its leading position and to bypass the rest of the states in terms of the volume of manufactured goods. As a result, the country began to suffocate from the smog of giant factories and plants. It was necessary to urgently do something, so the government decided to urgently switch to alternative energy sources. Recently, the Chinese authorities announced that the world’s largest floating solar power plant has finally been put into operation and connected to the local power grid.

Located near Huainan City in Anhui Province, the new floating power plant has a capacity of 40 megawatts and was developed by Sungrow Power Supply Co. engineers. It is especially ironic in this whole story that the power plant was located in the area of ​​a submerged coal mine, which once provided the country with fossil fuels polluting the atmosphere. Last year, a 20-megawatt solar power plant was already launched, but China plans to actively increase the number of such structures in the coming years.

Floating solar power stations are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique design and the absence of the need to allocate a piece of land for their placement. Among other things, such stations slow the evaporation of water, which scientists consider a plus for the environment. A low temperature near the surface of the sea or the ocean can effectively cool photovoltaic panels and reduces the risk of their failure. By 2020, China plans to increase the amount of energy received from solar power plants to 20% of total consumption.

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