Chinese robot prepares to enter college

News agency Xinhua reports that the AI-MATHS robot developed in China is intensively preparing for the entrance exams and will try to enter college again in a few days.

It was created by the company AI Chengdu Zhunxingyunxue Technology, which specializes in developments in the field of artificial intelligence. Specialists involved in the creation of the robot, explained that during the experiment AI-MATHS will try to pass the Chinese national entrance examination. To do this, he will have to answer questions on the math test. The exam will last about two hours.

General Manager AI Chengdu Zhunxingyunxue Technology said that the robot continues to improve and engage in the refinement of its artificial intelligence. In February 2017, he was already taking part in a similar examination, according to which he was able to score 93 points out of 100 possible. Now the test will be more complicated, but the program for the last few months has substantially improved.

Even after the successful passing of the exam, the robot will not be accepted for study, but the creators will be able to assess how wise it has become since the winter – this will allow us to start new tasks. Entrance examinations in China will be held on July 7th – the developers have very little time to prepare all the necessary cribs for the robot.

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