Concierge at the hotel can be artificial intelligence with a holographic body

VNTANA and Satisfi Labs have announced a new platform that will allow entrepreneurs to develop their own holographic robot assistants for their further use in business. The new project combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to create a holographic robot body that can interact with customers.
“Our hologram technology has helped many brands to better interact with their customers, and we are very pleased to offer this new addition to our platform,” said Ashley Crowder, CEO and co-founder of VNTANA. “Thanks to the partnership with Satisfi Labs, we were able to integrate artificial intelligence into the hologram for the first time, and this will help our holograms to interact with consumers at a more advanced level.”
One of the main features of the new system is the ability of artificial intelligence, to collect and process data on interaction with people, which allows him to make up a unique communication setting for each person. For this, the face recognition system and the mood analysis module for emotion recognition will also be used. As the creators claim, new “smart” holograms can even relieve stress in those people who are not yet ready for such communication.
Look at the video below to see the holographic robot as a concierge at the hotel.

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