Conscious Dreams: The Future of Dream Plot Management

Researchers from REMspace, a company specializing in the study of conscious dreaming practices, conducted a unique experiment that may shed light on the possibilities of dream plot control. The study used electrical stimulation of the motor cortex during sleep, allowing scientists to track how the brain engages in the dream world with this exposure. This is the first experiment of its kind, the results of which have been published on the ResearchGate platform.

The main test subject in this experiment was the founder of REMspace and head of the Phase Research Center, Mikhail Raduga. He had electrodes implanted in the area of his brain responsible for extending the fingers of his left hand. When a weak electric current was applied, objects fell out of his hand in his dreams.

This experiment opens up new perspectives for the development of technology to control dream plots. Although inserting electrodes into the brain of healthy people for the sake of manipulating dream plots can be dangerous, Mikhail Raduga is confident that there are other safe ways to achieve a similar effect without the need for implanting chips and electrodes.

The possibilities for controlling dream plots that such technology offers are enormous. As Mikhail Raduga notes, “someday we will be able to have dreams about any subject. This could be especially useful for people who suffer from nightmares or for those who are paralyzed.

For the average person, conscious dreaming is simply entertainment and an opportunity to experience new emotions and sensations. However, for a person limited by their physical condition, a conscious dream can be a way to get vivid emotions and sensations that they cannot experience in reality. The results of REMspace’s experiment may lead to the development of effective and safe devices to help such people enjoy the dream world.

However, further research and development is needed to achieve this goal. It is important to consider the potential risks and find safe ways to influence the brain during sleep. Nevertheless, the ability to control dream plots could be a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of psychology and neuroscience.

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