Created a device to monitor health

Scientists from the University of California in San Diego created the first flexible wearable device that real-time simultaneous monitoring of biochemical and electrical signals of the body. A study published in the journal Nature Communications.

The device is Chem-Phys is made by printing on a thin flexible polymeric sheet and is attached directly to the skin. Thanks to wireless communication, it transmits information on phone, smart watch or computer. Using data of electrocardiogram, Chem-Phys controls the heart rate and also keeps the lactic acid level is a biochemical marker of physical activity.

Engineers have created similar to the tricorder from “Star trek” device for monitoring health

“One of the major goals of our research is to create wearable, like the tricorder device that can simultaneously measure a number of chemical, physical and electrophysiologically signals throughout the day,” said one of the authors of the project, Professor Patrick Mercier.

Most commercial wearable devices measures one type of signal, they do not register chemical properties, say the authors.

In the future, scientists plan to create an improved lining for the measurement of other chemical markers, for example, magnesium and potassium. According to the authors of the work, Chem-Phys can be used to improve the training process in athletes.

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