Created a display placed on the skin

Employees of the University of Tokyo have developed an ultrathin display that is easy to glue and lasts long on the skin. It consists of LEDs in the amount of 16×24 and from the substrate of special stretchable conductors. While the display could not be made completely transparent, but the material is easily stretched and it can be glued to almost any part of the body.

The display has a wireless module, so that it can broadcast any information: notifications, inscriptions, passwords, etc. But the creators suggest using such screens in healthcare, reports Engadget. For example, connect an electrocardiogram to it so that the patient and the patient can follow the pulse.

Before that, there were many similar variations of “electronic skin”. But the authors of the new development claim that their screen can be worn on the skin by 45% longer than others, without fear of getting irritated or allergic reaction – about a week.

Developers plan to implement such screens in the healthcare system within the next 3 years. But first they need to increase the longevity of the display and adjust mass production.

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