Created a home screen for reproduction of holograms

Fantastic movies are showing us a near future in which holographic interfaces and means of communication will be circulated almost everywhere. And even though such use of technology is still far away, buy holographic screen today.

I’m sure many remember how relatively recently on the big stage was “resurrected” as a hologram Freddie mercury and Tupac Shakur. This is, without a doubt, a spectacular demonstration still had little in common with spread to the masses, because the equipment involved in the process, was very difficult to maintain and too cumbersome. But recently a startup HoloVit from the company of the same name went beyond the prototype already collects on crowdfunding site Indiegogo orders for the delivery of the first batch for everyone.

The system is very simple to use: it will require a special transparent screen and tablet, TV, smartphone, or laptop as a projector. Device-the projector is enough to set at a certain distance from the screen, start the app HoloVit and, actually, everything. Homemade hologram is ready for use.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the system is designed so that any movie to use as the hologram will not work. But the developers give the tools to convert the video to a format playable HoloVit, as well as the opportunity to use as hologram video recorded with any camera on a black background.

Campaign fundraising on Indiegogo will continue for another month. The range includes 3 types of screens that differ in size diagonally. The smallest model is $ 79.

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