Created a robotic skeleton with the “muscular system”

Researchers from the Technological Institute in Tokyo has made another step forward, creating a robotic skeleton, equipped with the human muscular system, which helps it to move.

Muscle fiber are connected with joints and is able to contract and lengthen just like their “prototype”, human muscles. In fact, this robot is the same number of muscles in the legs as we do. In this regard, it is not much more power, and despite the ability to perform smooth movements, the robot-skeleton still needs assistance when walking.

It can also move their hands and most importantly, jaws, with muscle fibers. This means that when something this cute skeleton will probably be able to enjoy the chips. It would be interesting to see whether the group of researchers to improve the propulsion system of their offspring. More specifically, will they be able to force his muscles to contract and lengthen quickly enough to robot-skeleton was able to play football.

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