Created a “smart” baby cot

Pediatrician Harvey Karp joined forces with the Swiss design Studio Fuseproject and a team of engineers from the laboratories at MIT to create innovative crib to help babies fall asleep faster and would monitor their sleep throughout the night. The result of five years of cooperation the developers have managed to create an automated cot Snoo.

Throughout the night, the Snoo crib plays soothing white noise that provide a quick sleep and deep sleep. When integrated in the cot microphones notice that the child woke up, the bed begins to wobble and increases the volume of soothing sounds. Due to this, parents can not worry about the child sleep throughout the night. In addition, parents wishing to monitor and manage the cot manually, you can do this with a mobile app that allows you via a Wi-Fi connection to change the settings of the crib and watch her sway.

what is to be noted that within the cot there is a special “cover” which will hold the child and will not allow him to make unnecessary movements during sleep. In addition, the bed in addition, equipped with led lights that adjust their brightness depending on external lighting.

Currently, developers are starting to take pre-orders for the crib Snoo at a price of $ 1160.

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