Created a tiny device for the formation of volume holograms

Various science fiction movies say that in the future we will certainly be waiting for the mass consumer devices for projection of holographic images. It can be used for advertising purposes, and in creating an advanced version of Skype. But the future it does not want to come, and in the creation of holograms for communication, we are approximately there, where 5-10 years ago. The main problem is the bulky design. But things can change thanks to the development of scientists from the Australian National University, who have created a tiny device for formation of three-dimensional holographic images.

One of the main difficulties in the production of holographic images is in addition to the greater size that to create the images themselves requires a very large amount of computing resources, rather than to create images for flat screens, and a more subtle light than when creating images for the projectors. In the heart device is more than a million miniature silicon “pillars” of different height, which are located at a distance of 750 nm from each other. This design is almost transparent and takes away from the light passing through only a small part of the energy, but can produce light of any complex manipulation.

The device itself has a size of 0.75 mm and when illuminated it with laser light with a wavelength of from 1360 to 1650 nm is capable of reproducing a holographic image with a size of 5 mm, which is located in space at a height of 10 mm from the surface of the device. Management-generated image produced using magnetic and electric fields. According to the authors of the invention,
“Research in the field of holography are important not only for creating a futuristic, three-dimensional displays and virtual reality devices. On the basis of such principles can be created by the optical information storage device, ultra-thin lenses and other optical components for compact cameras and even space technology. Appeared only in recent time the technology of nanomanufacturing materials to give these materials unique optical properties, which are absent in naturally occurring materials. We created the device and played with the help of holographic images are only one demonstration of possibilities of new technologies, which can be used in a variety of areas.”

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