Created the first film, the plot of which can control the viewer

Surely, after all, each of us during the movie viewing had a situation when the hero on the screen commits outright stupidity, and we think: “Well, why? It would be better to do so and so and so. ” And now imagine that after this the hero really takes the decision that you thought about. Fantastic? Not at all, because this summer is the first film called The Moment, the plot of which will be influenced by the viewer. And he will do it with the help of brain impulses.

The Moment is a short science fiction film with a duration of 27 minutes, the action of which takes place in the near future, where the neurointerfaces are widely used. They give not only quick access to information, but also spying on and monitoring people’s thoughts. More about the plot is not known anything, since everything that happens after the outset will be controlled by the viewer. The rhythm of narration, musical accompaniment and even editing – everything can be changed, only thinking about what you would like.

To implement the technology, director Richard Ramchern used a conventional helmet for recording brain activity, similar to devices for removing an electroencephalogram (EEG). The cost of the device does not exceed $ 100. The first test screenings of the film have already passed, and if during the viewing the spectator began to get bored, then the music in the film changed, and the action switched to the main storyline associated with the main character and the main intrigue. Moreover, depending on the viewer (and in this case it is about one viewer, since a large number of people can not simultaneously watch a movie) scenes, their order and transitions between them changed, and key events occurred at different times in history.

Of course, a fully branched story with different variants of the development of events does not occur, since it would take much longer timing and the number of scenes to be shot. After all, even for a 27-minute picture, about 101 trillion different events and their variations were photographed. In any case, this is a very interesting technology, if it succeeds, it is even frightening to imagine how the film industry that is familiar to us can change.

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