Created underwater drone to catch fish

At CES 2017, the company Powervision has demonstrated an unmanned underwater vehicle, which should help the fisherman while catching fish.

The device is able to operate in fresh water, and salt. In addition, it can even be used when ice fishing. The device is able to dive to a depth of 30 meters and thanks to the embedded sonar system to locate fish at a distance of 40 meters with an accuracy of 10 cm.

The device is equipped with fish attracting light source and a bait. In addition, he has a camera that allows real-time transfer onto the tablet video in 4K resolution at a distance up to 80 meters. Using a tablet computer the user can choose the mode of motion, speed, to adjust the level of lighting, etc. In Powervision have provided support virtual reality technology. For this the user needs to wear special VR glasses.

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