Dark energy can “communicate” with dark matter through an unknown force

In recent decades, scientists have been confronted with the mystery of dark energy, a mysterious force that accelerates the expansion of the Universe. Despite many hypotheses, the nature of this energy remains unknown. However, recent research points to the possibility that dark energy may evolve over time and be linked to dark matter through a new force of nature.

One model proposed by astrophysicists is called the Chevalier-Polarsky-Linder dark energy interaction. This model offers an explanation for the strange 21-centimeter-long signal detected by astronomers in 2018. According to this model, the interaction between dark matter and dark energy may cause stars and galaxies to form at earlier stages of the Universe’s evolution, leading to an amplification of the signal.

However, despite the interesting results from this model, they still need further testing and confirmation. Scientists continue to investigate possible relationships between dark energy and dark matter, as well as to look for new observations that may help to solve this mystery.

One such observation is the detection of a 21-centimeter-long signal that was discovered by astronomers in 2018. This signal is associated with the emission of neutral hydrogen and was detected twice as strong as would be expected by traditional cosmological models. Researchers believe that the Chevalier-Polarsky-Linder dark energy interaction model can explain this strange signal.

However, further research and experiments are needed to fully understand the nature of dark energy and its interaction with dark matter. Scientists continue to work on developing models that can explain all existing observations while providing new data to test the idea of dynamical dark energy.

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