Darkwave: Edge of the Storm

Sci-Fi short film about the future of humanity, travels through space at superluminal speeds and colonization of the Galaxy.

According to the story, it took more than a hundred years since mankind began to establish colonies throughout the Galaxy. On a distant planet New Earth 72 young family tries to escape from the hands of the so-called Ministry. David, Sara and their little son Ben during the flight encounter at the burning Outpost. Hunger and fatigue forced them to examine the object to find food but they find the cause of the destruction of the Outpost. Even more terrible secrets revealed by a deafening noise of an approaching fighter Ministry. To the extent that, as a sinister car down to the main characters, we learn the reason why the Ministry is pursuing a family.

Darkwave: Edge of the Storm – A Sci-Fi Short from DARKWAVE Pictures on Vimeo.

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