Data for global warming was falsified

In the main document presented at the Paris summit, the power of global warming are greatly exaggerated. National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), the main American meteorological and geophysical service, had violated its own rules and has published a sensational but unverified document. His main goal was to produce as strong an effect on world leaders, meeting in 2015 in Paris for a summit on global warming. The report said that a “pause” or “slowdown” in global warming since 1998, what he was talking about the scientists of the UN in 2013, it was not and that the average temperature of the planet is growing faster than predicted by meteorologists. The report was first published in June 2015 in the journal Science.

About the inaccuracies and exaggerations in the report, told the newspaper Mail on Sunday, Professor John Bates, a scientist with crystal clear reputation, until last year one of the main experts of NOAA. He presented the edition of irrefutable evidence that the report was based on unverified data. According to Bates, the leadership of the Department rejected his objections and clearly premature to publish the report with one goal – as much as possible to strengthen its impact on the public and politicians. Particularly strong is the impact was on the U.S. delegation, the UK and the EU at the summit in Paris.

The principal author of the fraudulent report was Thomas Karl, who led until the end of 2016, the Department and NOAA for data collection. He put a lot of effort to discredit the pause in global warming. The document was based on two new statistical arrays: measurements of surface temperatures of land and oceans. The calculations were used incorrect methods, overestimating the result, i.e. the actual temperature.

Revelation American scientist obviously will like the new U.S. administration that is configured to fight against warming. President trump has repeatedly expressed its disagreement with the “green” policy of his predecessor. The America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, which they say in Washington will lead to another major political scandal. In Paris, world leaders agreed to annually allocate to developing economies on measures to combat climate warming at $ 100 billion.

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