“Dead spot” in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow

The second largest ocean “dead spot” in the world continues to grow.

The huge zone in the Gulf of Mexico is almost completely devoid of oxygen and therefore lifeless. The site was discovered in 2017, and since then the “stain” has not stopped increasing.

Scientists believe that by the end of July the “dead” zone will cover 17 thousand square meters. km and stretches from Louisiana to Texas. If this happens, then the life-deprived area of ​​the water area will surpass the area of ​​Israel.

The blame for the formation of a “stain” lies on American farmers. Fertilizers, which are sprayed fields, fall into the Mississippi River, which flows into the Gulf of Mexico Atlantic Ocean. Nitrogen and phosphorus – the main components of fertilizers – provoke the rapid growth of unicellular algae. During flowering algae absorb all the oxygen, leaving the surrounding waters uninhabited.

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