Death is just an illusion

Robert Lanza is a professor at Wake Forest University, a specialist in regenerative medicine and research manager of Advanced Cell Technology. Before he was known for his research in the field of stem cells, on his account several successful experiments on the cloning of endangered species of animals. But a few years ago the scientist was carried away by physics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics, then he had a theory of the so-called new biocentrism.

According to biocentrism, there is no death. It is an illusion that arises in the minds of people. It arises because people identify with their body. They know that the body will die sooner or later. And they think that they will die with him. In fact, consciousness exists outside of time and space. Able to be anywhere: in the human body and outside it. What fits well with the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, according to which a certain particle can appear here and there, and an event – to develop on several – sometimes innumerable – variants.

Lanza believes that there are many universes. In them, then all the possible variants of the development of events are realized. In one universe, the body died. And in the other – continued to live, absorbing the consciousness that has flowed into this universe.

In other words, the dying man, sweeping along that very tunnel, is not in hell or in paradise, but in the same world in which he lived, but alive. And so on – to infinity.

“Consciousness,” the professor preaches, “as energy.” Does not disappear and can not be destroyed.

Some biocentrists generally believe that there is no material world, but only its virtual image, generated by consciousness. Or the world still exists, but appears in the form in which our senses allow us to see and sense it. And if we had other organs and feelings, then we would have seen something quite different.

Lanz also believes in reality. But he considers it a process that requires the participation of consciousness. Man is both an observer and a creator.

Lantz’s encouraging theory has many supporters among which there are well-known scientists. These are physics and astrophysics, suggesting that there are many universes. Multiverse (multiverse) is the name of the scientific concept that they advocate. And they assure: there are no physical laws that would prohibit the existence of other universes.

The essence of the theory: every moment the universe splits into countless numbers of similar ones. And the next moment these “newborns” are split in exactly the same way. In one of these worlds, you exist. In one – read this article, go to the subway, in another – lie on the couch and watch TV.

The impetus for the multiplication of worlds is our actions. It is necessary for us to make some choice, as in a blink of an eye two universes are obtained from one universe. With different variants of fate. In some of the universes, people did not fly somewhere on an airplane that collapsed in flight, but went by train. And they stayed alive.

The theory of the multiplicity of the universe was developed by Andrew Linde – once a member of the Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN). Now – professor of physics at Stanford University.

“Space,” Linde said, “consists of many inflating balls that give rise to the same balls, and those in turn give birth to such balls in even larger quantities, and so on ad infinitum. In space, they are spaced apart. And do not feel the presence of each other. But they are parts of the same physical world.

The fact that our universe is not alone is also evidenced by data obtained with the help of the space telescope Planck. On their basis, scientists have created the most accurate map of the microwave background – the so-called relict radiation, preserved since the inception of our universe. And they saw that it abounds in dark holes – some holes and long holes.

The physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina and her colleagues argue: the anomalies of the microwave background arose from the fact that our Universe is influenced by others located nearby.

According to scientists, holes and gaps – “bruises” as they are called, “arose from the immediate impacts of neighboring universes on ours.

Physicists assume that the universes arise like bubbles of steam in a boiling liquid. And having arisen, they collide. And bounce off each other, leaving traces.

It turns out that places – other universes, wherever the soul could fly, according to the theory of new biocentrism, is complete. And she herself is?

In the existence of the eternal soul, Professor Stuart Hameroff of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona and, in combination, the director of the Center for the Study of Consciousness at the same university, do not doubt. He stated that he had found evidence that the human mind does not disappear after his death.

According to Hameroff, the human brain is a perfect quantum computer, the soul or consciousness is information accumulated at the quantum level. It can not be destroyed. But can be transferred.

An anesthesiologist believes: after the body dies, the quantum information of consciousness – merges with our universe and there exists infinitely long. A biocentric Lanza proves that she flies into another universe. Than differs from his colleague.

In associates of Hameroff, Sir Roger Penrose is a well-known physicist and mathematician from Oxford, who also found traces of contact with others in our Universe. Together, scientists develop a quantum theory of consciousness. And they believe that they found carriers of consciousness – the elements that accumulate information during their lifetime, and after the death of the body they “drain” it somewhere. It is located inside the neurons, protein microtubules (microtubules), which previously had a modest role of armature and transport intracellular channels. Microtubules in their structure are best suited to be carriers of quantum properties in the brain. Because they can preserve quantum states for a long time – that is, work with elements of a quantum computer.

There is nothing fundamentally new in Lanz’s biocentrism. But the scientific basis, led by him and his colleagues, can not but rejoice. It turns out that the afterlife is not a fiction, but a likely reality. The scientist remains to reconcile his concept with religion. After all, while the role of the Lord of God in it is not visible. Although…

Someone Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology figured out to what extent a quantum computer can be improved. Obviously, the most powerful will be a device in which all particles in the universe will be involved. And their – protons, neutrons, electrons and other small things, according to the estimates of the scientist, somewhere 10 in the 90th degree. And if these particles were involved since the Big Bang, they would have already committed 10 in the 120th degree of logical operations. This is so much that it is not even possible to imagine. For comparison: all computers during their existence produced less than 10 in the 30th degree of operations. And all the information about the man with his numerous individual quirks is written about 10 to 25 degrees in bits.

And then Lloyd thought: what if the universe is already someone’s computer? Then, he reasoned, everything that is inside, including us, is part of the computational process. Or his product … So somewhere there must be a Programmer. That is, God.

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