Decision — the product of his emotions

Probably, everyone faced with a situation where, having securely established facts and concrete arguments, we still can’t convince the interlocutor in the right. Why is this happening?

When people sit down at the negotiating table, they use logic to achieve the desired solution. However, very often such an approach is doomed to failure, since, as shown by new research, the decision-making process based on emotion, not on rational thought.

Recently neuroscientist Antonio Damasio (Antonio Damasio) made a discovery. Studying patients with damaged parts of the brain, responsible for emotions, Damasio has found an important feature of these people — they have lost the ability to make decisions. Even a simple choice puts them in a dead end — the sick could not decide what to eat for lunch: chicken or Turkey. As in favor of, and other meals can result in an infinite number of rational arguments, patients who were paralyzed by the need to choose. As it turned out, emotions just need people to make decisions. Even when the choice is based on logical arguments behind them are still feelings.

The opening of Damasio is of great importance for the theory of negotiations. The participants in the dialogue, to build its strategy on the basis of logic, actually have a weak position because it does not include emotional look at the issue from opponents. A good negotiator needs to read and predict the emotions of the interlocutor, and also to understand that the other side makes decisions, appropriate to her needs.

For success in the talks should not decide for other people what is best for them. It is much better to open for the opponents opportunities to satisfy their desires. In any case, their decisions will be based emotions and (in the best sense of the word) greed.

If the negotiator can find a way to find out what the reasons of dissatisfaction of opponents or what are their true desires, he can offer them the most effective solution. Partners and even enemies will agree with you only when you feel that it will really benefit them.

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