Deep sea nursery: opening of a unique octopus nursery off the coast of Costa Rica

Octopuses are mysterious creatures with amazing abilities that have attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world. Researchers recently discovered a rare phenomenon – a deep-sea octopus nursery off the coast of Costa Rica. This exciting discovery expands our understanding of the diversity of life in the ocean and adds new data to our scientific base.

Researchers from Costa Rica’s National Institute of Marine Biology and Biotechnology conducted an expedition to the Pacific coast, where they were able to discover a small colony of octopuses caring for their young. Impressively, this colony consisted of about 100 octopuses, making it one of the largest ever recorded.

Octopuses from this colony, known as Muusoctopus robustus, were found at a depth of about 150 meters. Unlike most octopuses, which prefer to live in shallower depths, these octopuses chose to live in darker and colder waters.

What makes this discovery particularly interesting is that Muusoctopus robustus octopuses look and behave very different from their better-known relatives. They have denser bodies and shorter tentacles, and their coloration is less bright and varied. In addition, they show amazing care for their offspring, creating a real nursery at the bottom of the ocean.

Here are some amazing facts about this octopus colony:

1. octopuses Muusoctopus robustus choose caves on the ocean floor as breeding grounds. They carefully clean and tidy their caves to create a safe place for their young.

2 The octopus Muusoctopus robustus show amazing devotion to their offspring. They stay close to their eggs and protect them from predators, providing optimal conditions for their development.

3. When Muusoctopus robustus octopus eggs finally hatch, the males continue to take care of their offspring. They protect them, provide food, and help them adjust to their surroundings.

This discovery is important to our understanding of the diversity of life in the ocean. The octopus Muusoctopus robustus is a unique population that has adapted to life at depth and is developing amazing survival strategies.

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