Designed holographic 3D-screen with a resolution of 8K

Holographic displays so far remain the prerogative of science fiction, but it seems that another step has been taken to them.

At CES 2020, Looking Glass Factory showed a new 32-inch 8K holographic 3D screen. Most interestingly, it does not require 3D glasses or other devices.

The novelty has a maximum viewing angle of 50 degrees, so for now it is unnecessary to talk about full-fledged holograms. However, there are some effects. For example, if you shine a flashlight on the image, then the light will not be visible on the screen, but inside it.
The manufacturer did not provide specific technical details, but at the exhibition the novelty was connected to a PC with an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 2080 Ti graphics card.

It has not yet been announced how much such a solution will cost, but they plan to release it on sale this spring. True, it will be possible to buy it only directly from the manufacturer, and not through stores or distribution networks. It is positioned as a system for museums, medicine or business.

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