Destruction with poltergeist phenomena

The reason poltergeist is translated as “noisy spirit”. This phenomenon is often observed characteristic damage of different things. Mischief of this kind in addition to purely material damage bring home “bad” apartments and non-pecuniary loss: they are accused that the destruction in the apartment they have arranged themselves, but a thorough search of any gain, usually do not give results.

When poltergeist we observed different types of damage to homes, household goods and items. The latter often collapse upon impact with the surface on which you fell. But there is a whole group of obvious violations of the physical integrity of objects in the absence of obvious physical causes.

It is often the deformation of the metal things. They will bend or break — as if by themselves. For example, in one case, the witnesses sitting around the carrier, he heard the sound of cutting metal saw metal band worn on the wrist of a man sleeping with his hands.

Other media poltergeist was able to light stroking to bend the metal teeth of the fork. By the way, and the famous URI Geller the most famous for their ability to bend light touch to various metal objects.

Sometimes the devastating effects are wild, fierce and untamed: it is known even due to the outbreak of a powerful poltergeist the subsidence of the roof of the house! But this is an exception. Much more often in the window panes begin to gape round holes. Sometimes they appear like themselves, sometimes a result of lightning cast out the window of any object.

Some items are broken into very small fragments. When the thrown immediate impact about half of the book broke into pieces as if it were made of glass! In another case, coffee cups scattered on twenty or more pieces, so small that this has never been able to obtain “investigative experiment”. Glassware may shatter into small granules. But sometimes that is not broken dropped on the floor is very fragile.

Sometimes there is a spontaneous tearing or ripping of clothing, footwear, headgear. So, in the middle of the eighteenth century in Italy, fourteen-year-old media phenomenon within a few months was literally plagued by the fact that his hair and clothes are constantly torn to shreds.

The same happened with the new robes and wigs: they immediately fell with the body torn to pieces. This usually occurred in the presence of witnesses who stood, with amazement looking at what is happening.

In 1682 in England, the wigs worn by 21-year-old young man, torn in rags directly into his head. In the winter and spring of 1990 was constantly torn shirts, pants, shirts, pants, boots, nine-year-old Sasha from state farm village of the Nikolaev area, Ukraine, the media are quite violent and cruel manifestations.

Generally, the poltergeist is characteristic of numerous failures of various household items, mechanical damage to them. For example, in an electric typewriter to weakening of the spring or beginning of the “jam” button some of the letters mysteriously disrupted vacuum cleaner, washing machines and other household appliances. Relevant masters are powerless to eliminate violations, which sometimes stop themselves.

Of the 500 poltergeist outbreaks of spontaneous breakage was noted in 24 cases (5%), tearing and cutting of fabrics, clothing, hats — 30 (6%), deformation and failure of metallic things— 6 (1%), damage house plants, pulling them by the roots — 5 (1%), damage of buildings — in 18 (4 percent).

The inhabitants of the poltergeist apartments sometimes petition the court with a request to provide new housing, even in cases where there is no threatening damage and destruction. So, in April 1988 the associated Press gave the following message:
“Istenem. The authorities of the English city of Nottingham has decided that the special bench considered the claim of the family of John and Hellen Costello about replacing their state apartments, in which, they claim, is haunted.

A family in which three children, left his former apartment back in may of last year, as he was shocked by a number of extraordinary phenomena that occurred in it: the unexplained movement of furniture without any human intervention, mystical pulling cords from electrical plugs & sounds of the guitar, which none of us had touched.

Several police officers and two employees of the local municipality witnessed some strange phenomena”.

Has satisfied the court that the request of the plaintiffs, failed to learn. However, in some cases, the impossibility of living in apartments with noisy poselivshiesja spirits so obvious to the authorities that they allocate victims a new home, even if they were not going to go to court. Such was the case in Poland in 1985 in the Soviet Union in 1990.

In a small Polish town Myshkova in September 1985 boisterous spirits began cleaning up the mess in one of the apartments where the couple lived with their three teenage children. It all started with a knock at the door, then began to fall and to move objects, then they started appearing in the front.

There mysteriously suddenly materialized at the height of five feet from the floor and banged it on cups, glasses, jug, jar, alarm clock, paddle for the dough, bottle, bowl, pelvis, glasses, bronze figurine Bank with marinated mushrooms, umbrella, empty tin cans, tin can with nails, empty cage for Canaries, packs and bags with food, bottle of juice, large and small plates, ashtray, saucer, lids for jars, sugar in a glass jar, the brew kettle, the pepper, rear view mirror from my car, decorative fungi, butter, bread, margarine, mustard, tea in the pot and pack, aluminum Cup holder, the Bank with the remaining sugar, coffee mill, pepper mill, camera, kitchen knives, spoons.

It all somehow overcame doors, glass, brick walls, concrete floors, wall of the refrigerator and hit the floor in the hallway.

Fought everything that could break. That is not fought directly, broke then the large fragments were again broken into small. Some glass items were broken as if from pressure from the inside in very small pieces. From the necks of the bottles on the floor were piles of glass dust or small grains. Objects exploded with the sound volume up to eight or ten decibels.

In the hallway there were bottles and other items from a neighboring apartment, including the floor below. Also occurred, but out of nowhere, glasses, hot plate 400 watt, window glass and potatoes. In some cases, after the explosion of glass objects in the lower hallway of the apartment found the fragments of the one that crashed at the top.

All the floating items had after dropping the temperature a few degrees above ambient, which was felt when touching. In one case, a half-liter enameled pitcher, moved into a hall so high that when filling with water hissed and his bottom bounced off the enamel.

24 December 1985, the city government has allocated a miserable family, a new home. By March 1986, the poltergeist began to decline.

In Moscow in late October — early November 1989, in one of the apartments on the street of Marshal Konev broke out the destructive poltergeist. Witnesses were not the only inhabitants of the apartment, but also their relatives, friends, neighbors on the porch, as well as Deputy head 132 of the third Department of militia major Nikogosov, major Khatskevich and police Sergeant Altukhov, Vasilkov, Vasilyuk, Kuryanov, Makarov, Unico.

The apartment went really phantasmagoric. Themselves took off, flying or falling various objects, open the gas and water valves, blown bulbs, cracked and beat the window glass, first inner, then outer, fought the glass ceiling chandeliers.

Of the flap itself has vyvorotka the meter, then the heat shield, the apartment is de-energized, but the outrages continued. Major Nikogosov told everyone to leave the apartment into the stairwell and checked to see if there are any anyone. Then in an empty apartment there was a massive explosion. In place of the toilet, as I was soon leaving only a pile of splinters.

Another time in a empty, no people, apartment for small granules crashed glass three-liter jar. On the front of a policeman Vasilkova in the room, where, besides him, no one was there, it rolled on the floor one of the two standing next to stools. After two feet, she suddenly stopped. The policeman Vasilyuk saw the penny itself with a ring moving on the floor.

The greatest atrocities were happening in the bathroom. Once there, hit the fountain of hot water. Caused by plumbers said that the hot water tap was cut off as with a razor: “if only We had these!”.

Moved from bathroom wall brackets holding the sink. Them together with the sink placed on the floor. After some time there was an explosion: shell — shattered, each of the iron brackets was split into two parts. Lavoratrici has two cast iron legs of the bath, one of them split along.

From time to time felt a sharp smell of ozone. Universal ruin has completed the second fire. At the same time broke out in two rooms separated by a third, which did not burn. To live in such a hectic, the apartment was not only impossible, but dangerous. Had to evacuate.

The family was left practically on the street. Naturally, the question arose about the provision of equivalent apartments. His decision was joined by people’s deputies, first Deputy Chairman of Voroshilovsky district Executive Committee M. M. Chikin, Commission for the study of poltergeists and other unexplained phenomena Committee “Bioenergoinformatics” the Union of scientific and engineering societies of the USSR.

Held several meetings of the housing Commission of the Executive Committee, then the issue was discussed at the Executive Committee. It was settled positively:

“Warrant for the apartment received the Sokolov family, in a house which was an unusual incident was reported by the newspaper “Moskovskaya Pravda” on 3 March 1990. — Unfortunately, — said the newspaper, we have no law that would guarantee social protection to the victims of the poltergeist.”

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