Developed a program for lip-reading

Researchers from Oxford University have developed a computer program called LipNet, which allows you to read lips. Recognition accuracy is 93.4% – an indicator, not even for people-professionals.

According to the developers, the program will help people with hearing problems. In addition, LipNet will allow you to communicate even in very noisy places. The program can be used for more nefarious purposes, for example, it can help to know what they are talking about people caught in CCTV camera.

In order to LipNet successfully identify words, the experts at first “passed” through her more than 30 thousand videos, which people pronounce different words. Feature of the program is that it treats the whole phrase, not individual words. It is possible to achieve more accurate recognition.

While no program can recognize words in the real world. Currently it only works with phrases that are built a certain way. The proposal, which is able to recognize LipNet must have the following structure: command, preposition, letter, digit, and adverb. For example, “put blue in a scale of 1 quickly.” In addition, the program still understands the phrase only 34 people that participated in the experiment. In order to LipNet able to understand people with different accents, that is needed with a large number of videos.

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