The topic of reptiloids and their possible existence on Earth has long attracted the attention not only of ufologists, but also of the general public. The possibility of the existence of reptilian-like creatures arouses interest and controversy. However, despite the fact that information about reptiloids is quite contradictory, there are certain facts and evidence that cannot be ignored.

Historical evidence

Mentions of reptiloid creatures can be found in various historical and mythological sources. There are references to reptilian-like creatures in ancient texts from different cultures such as the Sumerians, Mayans, and Native Americans. For example, in the mythology of the ancient Sumerians, there is a legend of the reptiloid god Enki, who is one of the main gods of the culture. There are also accounts of reptiloid encounters in various parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Russia.

Contemporary evidence

Contemporary accounts of reptiloid encounters are also of interest. Many eyewitnesses describe them in the same way – as creatures with scales, snake-like eyes and a tail. One such eyewitness is D. Carpenter, a ufologist who has been studying the reptiloid problem for many years. He claims that virtually all of his witnesses describe reptiloids with similar characteristics.

The scientific explanation

The scientific community is skeptical about the topic of reptiloids and considers such testimonies to be unfounded. However, there are scientists who do not rule out the possibility of the existence of reptiloids. For example, paleontologist Dale Russell, while excavating in Alberta, found the skull of a troodon, a dinosaur that had a developed brain and binocular vision similar to that of a human. This suggests that troodons may have been intelligent creatures that could have created a kind of community that resembled a civilization.

Possible explanations

There are several possible explanations for the origin of reptiloids. One is the evolutionary path of the troodons. Paleontologists hypothesize that a creature called a “dinosauroid” may have evolved from Stenonychosaurus. This hypothetical creature had human-like features and could have been the progenitor of reptiloids.

Another possible explanation is that a highly advanced alien civilization intervened in the development of the Earth. According to this theory, reptiloids are aliens from another planet who interfered with the evolution of our planet and created a home for themselves here.

The topic of reptiloids remains a mystery and is controversial in the scientific community. Despite the fact that information about them is contradictory, there are certain facts and evidence that cannot be ignored. The possibility of the existence of intelligent reptilian-like creatures remains an open question that requires further research.

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