Discovered fats that prolong life

American scientists have established a relationship between the consumption of ringworms of monounsaturated fatty acids and an increase in the longevity of these creatures, writes the journal Nature, in which they published a study.

During the study of the metabolic activity of ringworms, which is observed with a shortage of H3K4me3, the scientists found that the lack of this protein leads to the accumulation of worms of monounsaturated fatty acids in the intestine, the consumption of which affects the increase in the duration of these nematodes.

Now, geneticists are going to determine how the consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids will affect a person and the duration of his life.

Monounsaturated fatty acids are found in olive oil, red meat and nuts. Regular consumption of these acids leads to a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular pathologies and an improvement in vascular tone.

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