Discovered the oldest mention of Jerusalem

In Israel, archaeologists discovered a stone about 2,000 years old with text carved on it, which first mentioned the name “Jerusalem”.

According to Live Science, the discovery was made by the mission of the Israeli Directorate of Antiquities and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, in which a stone will be displayed.

The artifact is dated to the 1st century of our era, that is, its age is about 2,000 years. The text carved on it mentions the name “Jerusalem.”

According to scientists, this is the oldest such inscription. In earlier texts, Jerusalem is called differently, for example, “Yerushal” or “Shalem”.

The inscription is made in Aramaic. Literally, it says: “Hananiah, the son of Dodalos from Jerusalem.”

The artifact was part of a Roman structure rebuilt from an earlier building, presumably during the reign of King Herod (37-44 BC)

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