Dogs help rebuild Chilean forests

At the beginning of the year, because of the arid and windy weather, in Chile there were severe forest fires. At the same time, 11 people were killed, and more than 150 were injured, about 1500 houses were burnt, and the damage amounts to hundreds of millions of US dollars.

Now in Chile, an active company has been set up to restore the burned forests. Plant seeds of trees, grass and other plants in forests destroyed by fire to return life there. The most unusual thing in this project is his workers: the collie’s dogs.

And how do these four-legged landscapers work? Dogs in special backpacks, hanging on the sides, pour seeds. And then the dogs are simply allowed to run through the forest, and when running, the seeds from the bags get enough sleep. Then the rains and the time will do their job, and there is a hope that as soon as the seedlings, grass and flowers will ascend, insects, reptiles, birds and mammals that fled from the fire will return here. And the forests will heal with their usual life.

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