Dogu statues: proof of alien contact

The mysterious Dogu figurines discovered in ancient Japan raise many questions and disputes among researchers. Their unusual appearance and resemblance to space suits lead supporters of the paleovisit hypothesis to the conclusion that these figurines are proof that aliens from other worlds visited Earth.

Statuettes Dogu, height from 8 to 30 centimeters, were created about 3-4,5 thousand years ago in the period of “Zemon” Neolithic. Their authorship is still a mystery. Some researchers claim that the figurines were made by the Ainu, who inhabited the Japanese islands at that time. However, there is information that these figurines could have been created by representatives of the mysterious Zemon culture, the origin of which is still unknown. It is interesting to note that the study of the bone remains of the Zemon people showed that they were not Mongoloids.

One of the most amazing things about Dogu figurines is their resemblance to space suits. This similarity did not go unnoticed and in NASA. Specialists from the American space agency have twice studied these figurines and compared them with real spacesuits.

In both cases, it was confirmed that the details of Dogu’s “suit” fully correspond to space suits. They found a sealed helmet with slit-shaped goggles, various clasps, and small hatches for controlling and repairing life-support devices.

It is interesting to note that some statuettes have mysterious round protrusions near the mouth and cheeks, which cannot be correlated with any details of the face of a living person. This may indicate the presence of breathing hoses or intercom cables, such as those used in modern spacesuits.

Another interesting feature of Dogu figurines is the inflated sleeves and pant legs, indicating high pressure inside the “suit”. This is also a characteristic feature of modern space suits.

However, despite all these facts, official science does not recognize the paleovisit hypothesis and habitually “assumes” that the Dogu figurines have a different explanation. They propose the following theories:

1. Religious significance: the statuettes may have been used in rituals and ceremonies related to the cult of ancestors or gods.
2. Status symbols: the Dogu figurines may have served as symbols of high social status or power.
3. Cultural value: these figurines may have been works of art created by masters of their time.

Ultimately, the mystery of the Dogu figurines remains unsolved. But the possibility of alien contact is still open and is of interest to many researchers.

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