Don’t look for aliens on other planets, they are already here on Earth

Yesterday, a local resident launched a drone with a camera to take an aerial view of the Wilmette Bahai Temple, the second and oldest Baha’i House of Worship and the main temple of the New World. It is located in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette, Illinois, United States.

As a result, he was able to record two UFOs taking off from the ground. Or rather they took off from the park area, most likely hiding in the tree crowns before doing so.

The first UFO appeared from approximately the same area as the second, took off at high speed and flew along a horizontal trajectory. The second took off after it in a couple of seconds. All this in time took a fraction of a second. The speed at which these UFOs took off is prohibitive.

Such ultra-fast UFOs have been recorded before, and they mostly appeared when drones were launched into the sky. When they appear they try to fly away immediately.

What is the value of this particular video?

Because the angle at which the second UFO was caught in the frame, when slowing down, you can see his maneuvers at the exit on the desired path of takeoff. Do not forget that from the moment of takeoff until its departure upwards, only a hundredth of a second passes.

This UFO, takes off from the crown of a tree, instantly gains speed and at about half the height of the dome – makes a coup. It takes off “with an edge” and then spectacularly makes a turn, aligning the aircraft in a plane, after which it makes a momentary acceleration (and this is taking into account the fact that his takeoff is incredible in its speed and violates all the laws of physics).

At the moment of transition from the initial takeoff, before the hull turns to the horizontal plane, the real shape of this flying machine becomes visible. There is no doubt that this is an artificially created flying machine with unattainable for the mankind technical flight characteristics.

The object is shaped like a sickle of the moon (perhaps it is disk-shaped, because the exact shape is blurred by the fact that the camera installed on the drone simply does not have enough frame rate to “catch” the object clearly), in its center we can see a dome (it is the cockpit), in addition, we can see that there are protrusions behind the central body and in front of it.

Why am I sure that this flying machine is controlled by a pilot? Simply for the simple reason that the way it takes off, the way it performs the flip maneuver, without a doubt indicates that it is the pilot who is flying the aircraft. This is a manned aircraft.

You may ask – how could a UFO be hiding in the treetops? Very simply, because the size of these flying vehicles is not more than 50 (60) centimeters in diameter. It is difficult to accurately determine the size, because the speed of UFOs is prohibitive, and there are no objects nearby to estimate the size. The diameter of the dome of the temple next to which the UFO flies is 27.5 m, the object cannot be more than 60 centimeters.

Yesterday I published an article by Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, U.S. Navy in which he claimed that “Flying saucers are real and are interplanetary.

He writes, “I believe flying saucers are manned spacecraft, first, because of their flight characteristics. This is exactly what indicates to us that the UFO filmed yesterday is a manned alien vehicle.

“A flying vehicle with these characteristics is far beyond the technical capabilities of any human on Earth” – absolutely right. Mankind did not have, does not have and will not have such technology in the near future.

“What these creatures look like, I don’t have the slightest idea. However, since I insist that they are indeed at the helm of their strange ship, I must assume that they are considerably smaller than we are. We already know that although 6 G is an enormous load for a human being, creatures smaller than us can withstand incredible loads. A bee can probably handle 20 G, and an ant can handle even more. Saucer crew members must also be quite small to fly on No. 3 saucers, 20-inch discs (58 cm). It is impossible to imagine intelligent creatures that small, but we should not neglect any possibility. “, – these two UFOs in the video from the U.S., show just that.

I think for people who study the UFO phenomenon seriously, this video will be another proof that they are right. They are right, saying that representatives of alien or alien civilizations have long been here on our planet, and moreover, we should not look up into the sky, but rather look at the trees, fields, bushes – under your feet.

If an extraterrestrial flying machine is only 50 (maximum 60) centimeters in size, then the pilot flying it… would be a centimeter, maybe even smaller.

If we take the aircraft with a diameter of 50 centimetres as a base, then the area where the cockpit is located will be only 10 centimetres in size, and taking into account the fact that the controls occupy half of the space, the size of the pilot may be from 1 to maximum 2 centimetres in height.

When you walk through the woods and fields – look carefully at your feet, you can inadvertently crush the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization and provoke an interplanetary war or an alien invasion of the Earth.

Of course, representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, which has such technological capabilities and no doubt has outrun us in development for millions of years – will not allow you to step on them. Simply because being so large compared to the native inhabitants of the planet, where they arrived to study it or where they have been living for millions of years, in fact, having colonized it, they are able to create robots or biorobots, which they can use in order to be in no way inferior to us in mass and height. At least during field expeditions.

If a civilization has such technology, it is able to create its own biorobots by cloning with human DNA. And indirectly this is indicated by constant “harvesting of organs and biomaterials from animals and humans”.

So, in order to see a real alien, you do not even have to go to the field or forest – just look around you and perhaps next to you will be a biorobot controlled by a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization.

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