During the full moon, the birth rate increases

The popular idea that during a full moon, the birth rate increases, found unexpected confirmation in the frequency of birth of the calves from the cows, and the reasons remain a mystery to scientists.

We, as veterinarians, are often interested in whether we can uncover those issues that are difficult to study among the people, for example, conventional Pets. Our study is an example implementation of this approach, but we still need to repeat the experiments on larger groups of cows. In addition, we don’t know whether people obey this rule and why it exists, said Tomohiro Yonezawa the University of Tokyo (Japan).

In recent years, scientists have been actively interested in how the Moon and its associated phenomena – tides, tides, the rise and fall of atmospheric pressure can influence Bicycle the human body and our behavior. This interest is due to the fact that during the existence of civilization among the various peoples of the Earth has accumulated a lot of legends and ideas about what the full moon or the new moon may be affecting the sexual behavior of people, their aggressiveness, and other qualities.

Yonezawa and his colleagues accidentally confirmed one of these myths – an abnormally high birth rate during the full moon, analyzing the frequency of births of calves by months and days on one of the farms in the surrounding area of Tokyo from 2011 to 2013.

During this time, according to scientists, born 428 calves, most of which came to light in the days and nights that preceded the onset of the full moon, during the full moon or directly after it. This dependence was particularly evident among those cows that have already had children.

It is not clear what causes such an unusual pattern and whether they are associated with the Moon. Scientists propose to conduct more extensive observation of the cows in order to confirm or refute the existence of such relationships and to reveal how it works at the biological level.

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