Earth on the verge of catastrophe: Scientists warn of planetary cataclysms

American scientists are sounding the alarm – the Earth is on the verge of a planetary catastrophe. According to their research, there has been a recent increase in extreme climatic and geodynamic phenomena, resulting in seismic, volcanic, hydrological, atmospheric, gravitational and thermal anomalies.

Scientists from the Earth Save Science Collaborative have detected disturbing anomalies in various areas of the Earth system. They note unusual displacement and destabilization of the Earth’s core, as well as sporadic and chaotic acceleration of the planet’s rotation and a shift in its axis of rotation. These phenomena indicate serious changes in the Earth’s internal structure.

One of the major consequences of these changes is the loss of the oceans’ ability to act as a compensatory and cooling mechanism. The oceans play an important role in regulating the planet’s climate, but they are now unable to cope with increasing stresses. This is leading to worsening climatic conditions and an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events.

Scientists warn that this situation could lead to a planetary catastrophe, which could occur in the next few years. They emphasize the need to take urgent measures to prevent this threat.

The head of the group of scientists, Allen Egon Cholakian, calls for the creation of an international scientific center, which will unite the best minds of the world and will act in the interests of all people. He emphasizes that such a center should have full autonomy and be able to conduct independent research. Only such an approach can give hope to mankind to survive the approaching catastrophe of planetary scale.

Experts support the scientists’ proposal and call for urgent action. They point to the need to develop and implement new technologies that will effectively combat climate change and geodynamic phenomena. They also emphasize the importance of international cooperation and uniting the efforts of all countries to address this global problem.

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