Earth’s Jet Streams: Chaos Caused by Climate Change and El Niño

The chaotic jet streams of air enveloping our planet are a major concern for climate scientists. Some even compare this chaos to a Van Gogh painting. The problem is particularly acute in the southern part of the jet stream over North America, which has completely disintegrated and caused record heat waves.

Normally the air currents stop, split, and flow in opposite directions, but at this point they have become unrecognizable to experts. This configuration of jet streams, probably amplified by climate heating, has led to a record heat dome that is causing unprecedented heat waves.

Climate scientist Michael E. Mann, who studies planetary wave behavior, said that the current configuration of jet streams is so disjointed that he finds it difficult to characterize it. He also noted that climate change and El Niño may be responsible for this chaos.

Rising temperatures in the Arctic especially weaken the jet streams in the Northern Hemisphere. In addition, El Niño caused the paths of these currents to change latitude, resulting in a heat dome over the southern regions of the United States.

Right now, more than 40 million people in the United States are suffering from heat waves, and massive power outages are occurring across the country. Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera reported that the heat in some parts of Mexico is Category 7 on the heat index scale, which is insanely extreme heat.

Despite the best efforts of scientists and experts, there are no signs that the heat wave will end anytime soon. Some experts even suggest that the heat dome could last until July.

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