Easter Island: a mystery that could not be solved

Easter Island, located in the Pacific Ocean, has long attracted the attention of researchers from around the world. This small island, with an area of ​​only 170 square kilometers, amazes with its mystery and unusualness. Its main attraction are the huge stone statues known as moai. Who created these statues and how they were transferred to different parts of the island is still a mystery.

History of Easter Island

Easter Island was discovered by Europeans in 1722, when the Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen stumbled upon it during his voyage across the Pacific Ocean. He named the island “Easter” (from the Dutch word “Paasch” meaning “Easter”) because it was discovered on the day of resurrection.

Easter Island was home to the Rapa Nui tribe, who created many stone statues known as moai. These statues were carved from tuff, a soft volcanic stone that can be easily worked. Each statue has its own unique design and dimensions, some of them reach a height of 10 meters.

Many researchers believe that the Rapa Nui tribe began making moai in the 12th century. However, how they did it and how they transferred the statues to different parts of the island is still a mystery.

Theories about Easter Island

There are many theories about how the Rapa Nui tribe created moai and how they brought them to different parts of the island. One of the most common theories is that the statues were carried by wooden rollers.

However, this theory was debunked by scientist Terry Hann, who conducted a study on the island in 2012. He discovered that the island’s trees had been cut down centuries before, and that the island did not have enough resources to create wooden rollers.

Another theory says that the statues were carried with ropes and cables. Research has shown that there was enough vegetation on the island to create ropes and cables. However, how the Rapa Nui tribe could raise the statues to their places is still a mystery.

Easter Island continues to attract the attention of explorers from all over the world. Its secrets and mysteries still remain unsolved.

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