Edzo Momonga is one of the cutest and most adorable animal species on the planet

The Edzo Momonga is one of the cutest and most adorable animal species on the planet. These miniature flying squirrels, called Siberian flying squirrels, live only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. These animals are attracted not only by their cute appearance, but also by the interesting features of their lifestyle. In this article, we will tell you about how they look, how they fly, how they breed, what they eat, and how they live.


The Edzo Momonga is very similar to the Japanese Dwarf Flycatcher, differing from it only in coloration. Their silvery gray fur with a black belly and prominent black stripe on their back makes them look like spruce or pine cones, which helps them hide from predators.

These dwarf squirrels have a body length of 130 to 200 mm and a tail length of 90 to 140 mm. They are very small, which makes them easy to hide in trees.


Edzo Momonga are not bats, but they are able to fly using their patagii, the leathery webbing that is attached to their wrists and ankles. They don’t fly, but glide through the air, like gliding on skis. They can fly a distance of more than 100 meters at a time.

Siberian voles choose coniferous trees such as pines or spruces found in old-growth forests for their nests. They prefer to live in sheltered hollows made by woodpeckers. When they land on a tree, their fluffy tail helps them balance and acts as an air brake.


Rodents mate only once or twice a year, during the mating season, which lasts from May to July. After conception, the gestation period lasts 4 weeks. These squirrels can give birth to 1 to 5 offspring at a time. On average, they give birth to only 2 or 3 baby squirrels each.

Squirrels are born with their eyes closed and without fur. For the first time after birth, the babies are completely helpless and completely dependent on their mother.


Edzo Momonga are omnivorous animals that feed on various kinds of fruits, berries, insects, and bird eggs. They may also feed on mushrooms, leaves, and tree bark.


The Edzo Momonga are arboreal residents who rarely come down to earth. Several individuals of the same sex live in the same tree, except during mating season, during which they gather in mixed groups.

These animals are very social and sociable, and they show concern for each other. They can even cuddle and caress each other, which makes them even cuter.


Edzo Momonga are very small animals that are attacked by predators such as owls, martens, and feral cats. However, they have several defense mechanisms to protect themselves from danger.

One defense mechanism is their coloring, which allows them to hide in trees. They can also make noises that warn other squirrels of an approaching predator.

Edzo Momonga are unique animals that attract people’s attention with their cute appearance and interesting way of life. They live only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido and are some of the cutest creatures on earth. However, they also have several defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators and survive in the wild.

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