Electron-dynamic visual masking

The specialists of the holding “Ruselectronics” electirc develop materials for cloaking objects in the visible range under conditions of visual changes in the environment. In fact, the materials are able to change color, and display dynamic changes of color intensity, simulating complex graphic images up to the leaves, swaying in the wind.

Currently established experimental models of masking materials and a prototype of the control system.

Materials developed by the Moscow TSNITI “Technomash”, have the possibility of dynamic synthesis of arbitrary absorption spectrum of the dispersion with the specified local distribution of brightness and composition of the masked surface. It is possible to synthesize any arbitrary range in the visible range, with a dynamic simulation of the scattering of light.

Power consumption in continuous adaptation mode when the temp switch colouring not more than 1.5 seconds is estimated at 4-20 W/m2, coating weight is 200-500 g/m2.

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