Elephants use the caves for nighttime extraction of essential salts and minerals

We all know that elephants are majestic and intelligent animals, but it turns out they have another amazing skill. Researchers have discovered that some African elephants descend into caves to extract minerals and salt during the night. This phenomenon was discovered in Kenya’s Kituma Cave and has become a subject of interest to scientists who are keen to understand why elephants choose this unusual behavior.

One of the first hypotheses was that the elephants were seeking shelter from predators or heat. However, further research has shown that this is not the only reason. Scientists have discovered that the caves contain large amounts of salts and minerals that the elephants obtain through their trunks. Some of these minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, are essential for elephants to keep their bodies healthy and functioning properly.

Interestingly, the researchers also noted that it is at night that elephants prefer to extract minerals. This may be due to the fact that during the day they are busy searching for food and cooling their bodies. Night time allows them to extract the necessary minerals safely and unhindered.

Kituma Cave is an ideal place for elephants as it has certain characteristics that favor nocturnal mining. It offers shelter from predators and also has a high level of humidity, making it more attractive to elephants. In addition, the cave is located near a mineral-deficient area, making it particularly valuable to these animals.

This discovery is significant for science and makes us wonder what else we don’t know about animal behavior and abilities. It also highlights the importance of preserving natural habitats for elephants and other species, as they may have unique adaptive strategies.

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