Elon Mask will create cyborgs

Elon Mask does not cease to please with his new aspirations, he has few projects on the development of electric vehicles, solar batteries, plans for the colonization of Mars, now he decided to create cyborgs and this is very tempting given that new technologies will connect a person and a computer directly, without using any interfaces And a person can download and download from the computer their dreams or thoughts.

Elon Mask created a new company – Neuralink Corp, which will implant tiny electrodes in the human brain. The direct interface “brain-computer” will be realized. Prospects for this area of ​​research are very impressive and someday a real cyborg will be created, but before that it is very far. At this stage, the company Mask will create neuroimplants to combat epilepsy and depression.

According to Elon Mask, people should merge with machines and become cyborgs, so as not to lose the battle to artificial intelligence. The new technology will allow implanting special devices directly into the brain, which will allow very quickly access to information and keep up with the speed of thinking and making decisions from artificial intelligence.

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