Europe has no plan for an alien invasion

In connection with the discovery of several exoplanets, which theoretically can be life, journalists are increasingly asking questions about the preparedness of the inhabitants of the Earth for a possible visit of newcomers. Leading speaker on this topic, who worked in the 1990s at the British Defense Ministry, said, however, that there was no plan to protect against invasion, Metro said.

Nick Pope headed the department for the investigation of cases involving UFOs, in the 1990 to 1994 year. The Briton is considered one of the main experts in the field of “extraterrestrial activity”. Asked by journalists what the authorities would do in the case of the visit of the newcomers, Pope replied: “I’m afraid nothing.”

“We believe the invasion of the inhabitants of other planets is extremely unlikely, but I always advocated developing a plan for this case, because there is still a chance for people to contact extraterrestrial civilizations,” Pope said.

According to the British, if the aliens ever visit the Earth, their visit will not be similar to the plot of the film “War of the Worlds.” Rather, everything will happen, as in the film “Arrival”.

“Scientists from different countries will come together to study aliens ‘ships.” Representatives of the authorities and heads of corporations will want to get extraterrestrial technologists into their hands, “Pope said, adding that the consequences of the aliens’ visit may be unpredictable.

“Mankind can unite in the face of a possible danger from outsiders, or, on the contrary, break up into several camps, depending on the attitude towards” guests, “the Briton said.

“In other words, the plan is: relax, make friends with aliens, try to steal their technology when the aliens turn their backs.” Sounds good, “Metro journalists joke.

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