Female reproductive age is increasing

Over the past 60 years, girls, at least in America, have started to menstruate earlier on average, and as they grow up, they experience menopause later. This discovery was made by researchers from the United States, informs the American Medical Association.

According to them, the duration of a woman’s reproductive life, that is, from the first menstruation to the last, increased to 37.1 years from 35. It is recorded that menstruation now begins at about 12.7 years, while earlier – upon reaching 13, 5 years. Accordingly, the menstrual cycle completely stops not at 48.4, but at 49.9 years, and the ability to conceive and bear a child remains at a later age.

Since the trend seen in the second half of the 20th century continued into the 21st, family planning recommendations may need to be revised, says Sanford Health.

At the same time, experts note that a combination of factors, including genetics, ethnicity and even nutrition, affects the ability to maintain reproductive health or fertility of expectant mothers. Sometimes this combination leads to the fact that menstruation can begin even at the age of 11, which, from the point of view of modern science, there is no pathology. Taking into account such variations, there will be no anomaly and noticeable early onset of menopause in a “generally healthy” woman.

Scientists presented this information against the background of reports that people will live much longer in this century. It is possible that in eight decades the average life expectancy will rise to 125 years.

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