Fingerprint scanner fooled using copies hands

A group of experts from the University of Michigan revealed the vulnerability used today, fingerprint readers, both contact and contactless.

Disadvantages in these devices was discovered during the calibration using a 3D-printed high-resolution models of human hands. According to American experts, a similar method can be exploited to deceive the fingerprint scanners. The researchers invite to cooperation of manufacturers to ensure that in the future they create the devices were more secure.

To check scanners the University of Michigan have created with a 3D printer a three-dimensional model glove right hand man with five fingers.

The use of high precision printer Stratasys Objet350 Connex allowed to reproduce the pattern of the pattern on the palm of a person and on your toes. The material was used photopolymers TangoPlus FLX930 and FLX9740-DM.

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