Firefighters in Dubai will appear jetpacks

Civil defense Dubai (DCD) presented a water vehicle (jet skis) and jetpacks (jetpack) that allows you to rise above the water, which the fire-city of the Emirate will now use to extinguish fires.

On the launch of a new innovative fire safety system rapid response, it was announced yesterday, the system got the name Dolphin (Dolphin).

The video, which shows how it will use these funds appeared in the official account of DCD in the social network Instagram.

The jet skis will allow firefighters to reduce the time of arrival to the place of fire in case of road congestion. Floating fire stations will be designed to extinguish fires on the shoreline. With the help of jet packs, firefighters will be able to rise above the water to put out fires from above.

The details of the new system was unveiled at the Intersec exhibition in Dubai in 2017.

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