First restaurant in the U.S. allowed to sell artificial chicken meat

Recently, scientific advances never cease to amaze us. One of the most interesting and promising trends is the cultivation of meat in laboratories. And now, finally, the first restaurant in the U.S. has received permission to sell lab-grown chicken.

This means that now everyone can try a dish of lab-grown meat. For now, it’s only available to visitors to one restaurant, but soon such products will appear in other establishments.

The essence of the technology is that muscle fibers are grown from animal cells and then fused into a mass of meat. Thus, we get real meat, but without killing the animals. It is not only humane, but also environmentally friendly – the production of such meat does not require large expenses on keeping animals and does not pollute the environment.

In addition, growing meat in a laboratory can be a solution to world hunger. After all, such meat can be produced in any quantity and without harming animal health.

However, for now, lab-grown meat is too expensive and not available to a wide range of consumers. But scientists are already working on reducing the cost of production and improving the quality of the product.

Thus, growing meat in laboratories is not only a new stage in the development of science, but also an opportunity to solve many of mankind’s problems.

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