Flying robot with artificial intelligence will go to the ISS

AI Watson goes to the International Space Station. Based on artificial intelligence from IBM will make a special AI, which will be able to function in space. This will be Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (Interactive mobile assistant for the team). Or abbreviated CIMON.

CIMON the size of a medicalball and weighs about 5 kg. It is made of plastic and metal and created exclusively using 3D printing.

For the first time CIMON was conceived in August 2016. Airbus worked with German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who coached CIMON to recognize his voice.

After the test, Gerst will take the AI ​​with him to space, where he will help him in three experiments: he will conduct experiments with crystals, the astronaut and AI will combine the Rubik’s cube together, and conduct a complex medical experiment in which CIMON will act as a flying camera.

In its first journey into space, CIMON will have only a few characteristics, but the developers hope that in the future the flying AI will be able to compose the company to astronauts during expeditions to deep space and become a loyal assistant to them. The first launch of CIMON on the ISS may take place next month.

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