Forgetting information is as important as remembering

Most of us agree with the statement that good memory means the ability to store a lot of events in memory for a long time.

But it turns out, according to the findings of a recent study, to forget about some things is as important as remembering them, because it prevents cluttering up the mind with useless information.

Reject information
Researchers have revised the definition of good memory after discovering that brain regions are actively pushing information out of our minds to provide us with the best information available for making informed decisions.

“It is important that the brain can forget about irrelevant details and instead focuses on things that will help make decisions in the real world,” said Blake Richards of the University of Toronto.

“We find a lot of evidence that there are mechanisms that contribute to memory impairment, and they are different from those that provide information storage,” said researcher Paul Frankland of the University of Toronto.

In other words, if a partial memory impairment is unsatisfactory, it can affect our mental abilities.

“If you are trying to navigate in this world and your brain constantly produces a lot of conflicting memories, it makes it difficult for you to make an informed decision,” said Dr. Frankland.

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