Found new advanced technology of ancient people

Archaeologists have discovered some of the earliest evidence of the technology for creating arms with stone tools that were owned by Neanderthals. This is reported in a press release on

Researchers have shown that about 40-55 thousand years ago, Neanderthals living in Europe, left their caves and collected resin of pine. They used adhesive to attach wooden or bone handles to stone tools. This shows that some of the closest relatives of Homo sapiens had higher intelligence than previously thought.

The find was made in the caves of Grotta del Vossellone and Grotta di Sant’Agostino on the west coast of Italy. Scientists have discovered more than a thousand stone tools, including fragments of flint several centimeters in length. On the splinters, researchers have noticed traces of organic material. Chemical analysis using gas chromatography with mass spectrometry showed that the instruments were coated with resin from local pines.

Although it is known about the more ancient remains of tar on the Neanderthal labor tools, the discovery suggests that this practice was widespread. It also shows that the ancient people could easily make a fire, because the resin needed to be heated to create a strong glue.

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