Found “spirit of Christmas” in a brain of the person

Scientists from University of Copenhagen led by Brian Haddok found in a brain the center, in charge of ability to rejoice to New Year’s vanity, holidays and gifts. To find it they used a magnetic and resonance tomography.

They subjected to this procedure 20 volunteers to whom showed various images including connected happy New Year and Christmas, for example, the decorated Christmas tree, the shining garlands, wrapped up gifts and appetizing entertainments.

Researchers monitored change of activity of a brain, paying special attention not whether it changes when examining “festive” pictures. All participants also asked to tell about whether there are in their families New Year’s traditions and customs.

It turned out that at those who liked to celebrate Christmas and New year when examining thematic pictures in a brain several areas of a brain were activated at once. They were bound to a discernment of emotions and religiousness.

However, scientists are not ready to claim what causes activation of particular zones of a brain – quite possibly that the found changes were bound just to the increased concentration of red color on “New Year’s” pictures. Researchers promised everything to find out in more detail (they published the results at the end of 2015), but still new articles from them did not enter.

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