Friendship slows the aging of the brain

A group of scientists from Northwestern University in the United States found that friendship and friendly relations with people can significantly reduce the rate of brain aging.

The experiment involved 31 people aged 80 to 96 years with outstanding cognitive abilities and 19 of their peers with average statistical indicators of brain activity. The scientists asked the volunteers to remember and name the 15 objects shown to them. As a result of the study, it became clear that the participants in the first group had coped much better with this task.

After that, all subjects had to fill out a questionnaire. In particular, they answered questions about their social connections, about their attitude towards themselves and the world around them, about goals in life.

Scientists have revealed the regularity: the more friends the tested person had and the warmer their communication, the better the volunteer coped with the task. At the same time, researchers noted that the clarity of the mind depends on several factors at once: a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, scope of activity, the level of social interaction with other people and attitude to oneself.

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