“Fukushima” has become safe, scientists said

After the accident at the nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” six years have passed. At the station itself, robots continue to work, but thousands of local residents return from evacuation to their native places. Is it safe? Local scientists Makoto Miyazaki (Makoto Miyazaki) and Ryugo Hayano (Ryugo Hayano) from the University of Tokyo investigated the condition of the villagers located 60 km from the site of the disaster and came to the conclusion that their health is not in danger.
The usual natural processes – rains and radioactive decay itself – worked as an effective system of decontamination. By the end of the month, more than 50,000 evacuated residents of Fukushima prefecture will return to their homes. Not the least role in this was played by the work of Miyazaki and Hayano, the results of which will be published in an article in the Journal of Radiological Protection.
Scientists conducted measurements of radiation in the air over the village of Date (Date), which is located not too far from the emergency reactors and whose residents several years ago refused to leave it. According to their data, the level of radiation (mainly associated with emissions of unstable isotopes of cesium) for 2011-2013. Fell by 60 percent. With this in mind, the authors calculated the additional dose that local residents will receive over the average life time.
According to them, the median dose of irradiation, which will be accumulated for 70 years, is only 17 millisievert (mSv). This is an amazingly low figure: a safe dose is considered to be up to 20 mSv per year. Moreover, it is less than the average inhabitant of the Earth receives from life from the natural radioactive background.
It is interesting that the authors also checked the effectiveness of measures for disinfecting the territory, coming to rather unpleasant conclusions. After studying the radiation measurements conducted by local volunteers living in the dangerous “zone A”, Miyazaki and Hayano noted that with the start of the clean-up activities that started in October 2012, there was no drastic reduction in the radioactive background. According to scientists, natural processes have played a big role in eliminating these consequences of the accident: the decay of unstable cesium atoms and simple weather.

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